About S-M-S

S-M-S schreiner machine service operates worldwide and not only in Europe. We are specialized in trading with new and used machines for mattress and furniture manufacturers.

Our manufacturers offer you high quality and innovative equipment for manufacturing mattresses and furniture, these have been used successfully worldwide for many years (now). In addition, our friendly and professional staff is always available if you have any questions about our company or our service, please contact us.

Whether you need spare parts, individual machines or a complete production for manufacturing mattresses or upholstered furniture, we have the right machines for you. Our aim is to provide you with a pleasant, appropriate, first-class and professional service.

Use our contact form to send us your personal inquiry or use our product finder to get detailed information on which machine you need to make your desired end product.

Since January 2013 S-M-S schreiner machine service is in the position of equipping all offered machines with a CE certification in our own name.  A contributing factor for you and us!

Browse our Web site for more information about S-M-S schreiner machine service. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative of S-M-S schreiner machine service about our products, please call us or write us an email!

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