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Learn more about our business activities. We will inform you about our latest offers on new machinery as well as second hand machinery and which exhibitions we will attend.

Together with our suppliers and customers we are also working on developing solutions and support in the fight against COVID-19! Read more below.


Almost all trade fairs have been canceled or at least postponed. Even if we cannot meet in person, we are there for you.

The current state of affairs is that the WIRE in Düsseldorf will be our next trade fair visit in December. Until then we can be reached by phone and email.

Latest Updates

New colleague

Christina has been with us since the beginning of March. She is supporting us and our customers in order processing.

At order@ you can send Christina your inquiries and orders.

Our service@ address is still available for all other matters.

In addition, we have set up an invoice@ address for our accounting.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We all are in a very difficult, serious situation. What impact Corona will have on our economies is not predictable by anyone. There are always new developments and scenarios.

For some time now we have been informed continuously and up-to-date about all essential Corona news related to the current situation.

We all hope for better news and a positive turn of this crisis.

S-M-S would like to promise to you all that we will stand by your side during this time and we are sure that we all together will master this crisis and come back to a normal life.

For the moment, please be careful and stay healthy.

Fighting COVID-19

We too want to support the fight against the virus and therefore are using our resources to procure machines and masks.

Our contacts in Asia help. Specifically, we are able to import machines and masks.

Finished products are available immediately, depending on the quantity and capacities of the carriers and shipping service provider.

Call us or send a message to service@, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Lian Rou has launched a new machine for the production of disposable masks.

We have been able to use our years of experience in welding non-wovens through the manufacturing of pocket spring machines.

The first machines will be delivered in May and there are more machines available to meet the demand Europe.


In addition, Lian Rou has developed a new machine for manufacturing NP95 masks.

This machine can also be ordered now. Please contact us for a detailed offer.

Current Offers

Second Hand Machinery

We currently have a range of second hand machinery available. Please check our second hand machinery section.

Spare Parts

Selected spare parts are now sold at a special price. In addition, as indicated at the beginning of the year, we were able to lower our prices. We look forward to your inquiry!