Our suppliers


The manufacturers of the machines we offer are known worldwide and as representatives in the European market we stand for their quality. Learn more about new machines from Wells Toolrite, Lian Rou and Healthcare.

We can not only offer you new but also overhauled machines. From time to time, obsolete machines are available from our suppliers. In adition we work with successful business partners and resurrect used machines.

Of course we also trade with second hand machinery. Take a look at our current offers or submit a quote for your machines. We are happy to communicate this with potential customers.

In case you need spare parts, you should contact us immediately. Business contacts have been made and established for over 70 years now. Thus, S-M-S schreiner machine service is in the position to offer you a wide range of spare parts.

Challenge us and we will get what you need – no matter which machine or spare part!

Wells Toolrite


For more than 20 years Wells Toolrite has successfully been producing the Zig Zag wire bending machine SW 200. Thanks to constant development this machine remains unique. The combination of the Wells know-how and the production facilities of Toolrite ensures you as a customer the high quality,  sichert Ihnen als Kunde eine hohe Qualität, true to the brand claim:

„Our product reflects our pride“

Optionally the Zig Zag wire bending machine SW200 can be combined with the Nester or the Stacker.

The Nester NE 10 and NE 11 provide the opportunity to bundle bent finished products. 6-10 Zig Zag springs are automatically bundled by the Nester and ejected on to a metal plate – ready for heat treatment of the springs.

The Stacker SK 7 and SK 8 offer you to stack straight and slightly bent products. Your major advantage is that the Zig Zag springs do not need to be picked and stacked manually by a worker. Your employee can let the machine do the job and take care of additional tasks close to the machine.

Last but not least the Rollaccumulator RA 12 produces bundled springs with a total length of up 30 m (100 feet). When manufacturing upholstery products you require different Zig Zag springs on a daily basis. The continuous product made with the Rollaccumulator ensures the required flexibility.

Please contact us for more information, together with Wells Toolrite we will provide you with a excellent package for your production.

Lian Rou

Pocket spring machines to make pocket springs

Lian Rou is a chinese machine manufacturer who has been successfully selling machines to make pocket springs for the mattress industry since 1998. Today Lian Rou is one of the leading companies and compared to their competition the most innovative one.

Their latest innovative development in the past years are the spring coiling machine which can make up to 120 springs per minute (supported by a camera controlled system), a machine to make mini-pocket springs and a machine to make double layers. No matter what innovation or product idea you are working on, we can support you with the right machine.

Only this year Lian Rou offers their new range of Cozy Plume products – a totally new pocket spring. Please contact us for more information.

Next to their innovations Lian Rou together with our help is able to offer you the right machine for your prodcution. Let us know which machine will deliver your innovation of tomorrow, what is most important to you and we will deliver whatever suits your needs.

Through mutual diversity , innovation and goals we can drive the market forward.

Healthcare machinery

Since 2003 Healthcare Machinery has been developing, constructing and manufacturing contur cutting machines. Today Healthcare is the largest and most successfull producer of CNC facilities in China. Ever since their company philosophy of having “good faith” is their vision and mission. Healthcare is a proactive and innovative company with the focus on providing the highest quality and the best possible service in the industry to their customers. Today with a market share of 65% Healthcare is the leading manufacturer of contur cutting machines in China, worldwide 1,500 facilities were put into operation.

The extraordinary construction of the machines with the swinging and rotating cutting knife enables a steady, fast and efficient carving of the foam blocks in only a few minutes. All machines work fully automatically and are run by only one worker.