Klaus Schreiner

Owner & Managing Director

Klaus Schreiner is a renowned figure in the machinery industry and his company is known for constantly staying updated with the latest machinery advancements. Klaus also possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, emphasizing effective communication and collaboration with clients. Under his leadership, S-M-S schreiner machine service has gained industry recognition. Klaus is also a member of the interzum board, supporting the industry further and, just like his father, continuing the family tradition.

Laraine Schreiner

Customer Service & Accounting

Laraine Schreiner is an accomplished professional at S-M-S schreiner machine service, excelling in customer service and accounting. Her expertise ensures customer satisfaction and smooth financial operations. In accounting, she maintains accuracy and compliance, collaborating with the team for streamlined processes.


Mike Schreiner

Customer Service, Marketing & IT

Mike Schreiner is a skilled professional at S-M-S schreiner machine service, specializing in customer service, marketing, and IT. With expertise in these areas, he excels in building customer relationships, executing marketing campaigns, and maintaining IT infrastructure. Mike’s dedication and diverse skill set make him an invaluable asset to the company.

Max Schreiner

Customer Service, Technical Support & CE

Max Schreiner is a talented professional at S-M-S schreiner machine service, specializing in customer service, technical support, and customer experience. With his expertise in these areas, Max ensures customer satisfaction, provides effective technical assistance, and enhances the overall customer experience. He is a valuable asset to the company, contributing to its success in delivering exceptional service and support.

Evelyn Wortberg

Customer Service & Order Center

Evelyn Wortberg is a professional at S-M-S schreiner machine service, specializing in customer service and order center operations. With her expertise in these areas, Evelyn plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and facilitating seamless order processing. Evelyn goes above and beyond to assist customers, address inquiries, and ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment.