Wells Toolrite Nester

The Wells Nester can shape and bundle the wave springs produced by the SW200. Depending on the format, 6-10 springs can be shaped and bundled. By bundling and ejecting the springs, you save production and tempering time. The Nester connection is quick and easy. In older machines, the Nester can be connected via an electrical interface.

  • Output: produces at 1 1/2 PS with 80 PSI air pressure (direct connection to Zig Zag machine)
  • Weight: approx. 306 kg
  • Size: 111 x 107 cm

Model NE 10

  • product width: small to medium size bended wave, 45 mm zo 55 mm

Model NE 11

  • product width: super wave, 70 mm to 76 mm
  • Capacity for length of spring: 33 cm to 72 cm
  • Diameter of outer bundle*:
    • ZZ standard: 22 cm
    • XL standard: 24 cm
    • SL standard: 38 cm
    • *depending on your request other diameters are available
  • The bundle diameter should be higher than 210° in order for the bundle to be stable
  • The product bundle shines need to be parallel