Wells Toolrite Stacker

With the Wells Stacker you can save the number of machine operators. Without the stacker you need one operator per machine, with the stacker one machine operator can operate 2-3 machines (depending on skill). In addition, a higher efficiency can be achieved with the help of the stacker, a machine operator will not be able to keep up with the machine speed. The stacker can be quickly and easily connected to the machine. In older models, an interface enables machine connection.

  • Power: produces at 1/6 PS (direct connection to Zig Zag machine)
  • Weight:
    • net 247 kg
    • gross 435 kg
  • Size: 222 x 170 cm
  • Shipping size: 117 x 132 x 132 cm
  • For specifications the relation between length and width is measured, view product requirements

Model SK7

  • product width: small to medium waves, 45 mm to 55 mm;

Model SK8

  • product width: super loop, 70 mm to 76 mm.
  • Max relation between length and height:
    • length 90 cm to height 18 cm
    • length 72 cm to height 15 cm
    • length 51 cm to height 13 cm
    • length 39 cm to height 10 cm
    • a non mechanic, shorter  Stacker is available for a length below 25 cm
    • special lengths are available upon request