Zig Zag Spring

In practice, the zig zag springs are mostly used as padding in spring cores of modern upholstered furniture. With this type of suspension, differently thicker, hardened and surface-machined spring steel wire is formed into waves. The zig zag springs then run from one side of the furniture to the other and are hung in the frame. Zig zag springs are also known as Nosag springs.

While the width of the zig zag spring is always the same and therefore does not need be taken into account, the degree of wire thickness, by which the hardness or softness of the subsequent padding is affected, is generally given in millimeters and must be observed during processing.

A thin wire thickness, e.g. 2.8 mm, are used exclusively for back upholstery. Seat upholstery require a background with stronger wave springs of e.g. 3.6 mm or 4.00 mm.

Machines for producing zig zag springs can be found below:

Wells Roll Accumulator

Wells Toolrite Stacker

Wells Toolrite Nester

Wells Zig Zag SW 200

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